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Vancouver Police Department

Vancouver, British Columbia
Grant of a Badge
February 24, 2000
Vol. IV, p. 9

Badge of the Vancouver Police Department

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The shield of Arms of the City of Vancouver (Barry wavy of eight Azure and Argent on a chief Or two dogwood flowers proper overall on a pile Vert a totem pole of Kwakiutl design embodying representations of an eagle grizzly bear and halibut Or) within an annulus Argent fimbriated and inscribed in letters Azure SERVAMUS all within a wreath of maple leaves Or issuant from a dogwood flower proper the whole resting on a scroll Argent fimbriated and inscribed in letters Azure VANCOUVER POLICE and upon the annulus a representation of the Royal Crown proper;





The form of the badge follows the general style for a grant to police forces. At the centre is the coat of arms of the City of Vancouver. The Royal Crown symbolizes the fact that the Police Department assists in the administration of the Crown’s justice, while the maple leaves and the dogwood flower refer to Canada and to British Columbia.


This means “We protect” and thus expresses the character of the Department’s mission.