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Ville de Saint-Lambert

Saint-Lambert, Quebec
Grant of Arms and Flag
June 15, 2007
Vol. V, p. 149

Arms of the Ville de Saint-Lambert

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Azure on a base wavy Argent crested Azure an ancient ship Argent, on a chief Or a hunting horn Sable between a fleur-de-lis Azure and a rose Gules;





In the upper portion, the fleur-de-lis on the left represents the citizens of French origin and the rose on the right represents those of English origin. The hunting horn in the centre is a reminder that during the 17th century, the wetlands of Saint-Lambert (then known as “mouille-pied,” meaning “a place that will wet your feet”) were renowned hunting grounds. The horn also represents French pioneer Lambert Closse, who apparently used to hunt in the region. The ship at the centre of the arms symbolizes Saint-Lambert’s geographic location on the shores of the St. Lawrence.


This Latin sentence means “The greatest in the smallest detail.”