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Christian Cardell Avery Aaron Belmont (Corbet)

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
Grant of Arms and a Badge
July 20, 2012
Vol. VI, p. 148

Arms of Christian Cardell Avery Aaron Belmont (Christian Corbet)

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Purpure a lion passant guardant contourné holding a snowflake between two lions passant guardant in pale each holding a Guernsey lily Argent;


A human skull jessant of a Guernsey lily proper its roots entwining a paintbrush and a sculptor’s chisel contourné fesswise in pale Gules;





The lilies honour Mr. Belmont’s family’s origin in the Isle of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, and the snowflake its future in Canada. The three lions evoke those that are found in the arms of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and also represent the generations of his family who have lived in Canada. The lions with the lilies direct one’s attention to the past, while the lion with the snowflake directs one’s attention to the future, connecting with the motto.


The skull refers to Mr. Belmont’s work in forensic recreation of skulls to rebuild facial features, this one being that of Sir Isaac Brock, K.B., sculpted by Mr. Belmont. The paintbrush and chisel allude to his skill as a painter and sculptor.


The motto, meaning “The future is in the past” in Dgèrnésiais, the traditional French language in Guernsey, alludes to the ideas of Mr. Belmont’s involvement in his ancestral island of Guernsey, as well as his career as a forensic sculptor.