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Daniel Ling

Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, with differences to Philip John Ashman Ling and Alister Rowland Ling
November 1, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 154

Arms of Daniel Ling

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Azure on a pale wavy between two lions rampant respectant Or each gorged with a collar Gules pendent therefrom an open book Argent bound Gules, a hurt charged with a cochlea Argent;


Issuant from a circlet of white roses alternating with lilies of the valley proper, a bald eagle rising Or, its head and tail feathers Argent, grasping in its dexter claw a ling cod Argent;





The lions refer to the Biblical story of Daniel in the lions’ den, thus making a reference to Dr. Ling’s first name. The books refer to Dr. Ling’s research work and the extensive number of books and articles he has published. The red and white colours are those of McGill University, from which he has two graduate degrees. The central stripe is wavy to indicate sound waves, and on it is a cochlea, the inner ear, marking Dr. Ling’s work with deaf children, for which he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada.


The Ling cod is a pun on Dr. Ling’s surname, and the eagle is a bird whose characteristics Dr. Ling finds particularly admirable. It is shown here as a bald eagle, which is native to British Columbia. The white roses refer to Dr. Ling’s university studies in Yorkshire, and the lilies allude to his birthplace of Suffolk. The red of the mantling alludes to the blood of life, which, combined with the gold of abundance, refers to the motto.


This Latin phrase means “Life and abundance.”