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The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment

Bathurst, New Brunswick
Approval of a Regimental Colour
August 20, 2015
Vol. VI, p. 538

Flag of The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment

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Azure a torteau charged with a stag lodged Or within an annulus Gules edged, charged in base with a bezant between four arrowheads in cross points inwards and inscribed THE • NORTH • SHORE • (NEW BRUNSWICK) • REGIMENT in letters Or, ensigned by the Royal Crown proper and environed by two branches of maple leaves proper bound in base by a ribbon Gules surmounted by a scroll Argent edged Or inscribed PRO JURE CONSTANS, a Latin phrase meaning “Steadfast for the right”, in letters Sable, the whole within two laurel branches Or fructed Gules each surmounted by nine scrolls Argent edged Or and inscribed in letters Sable, those to the dexter inscribed DEFENCE OF CANADA, 1812-1815; ARRAS, 1917, ’18; YPRES, 1917; HINDENBURG LINE; NORMANDY LANDING; CARPIQUET; QUESNAY WOOD; THE SCHELDT; EMMERICH-HOCH ELTEN; those to the sinister inscribed NIAGARA; HILL 70; AMIENS; PURSUIT TO MONS; CAEN; FALAISE; BOULOGNE, 1944; THE RHINELAND; ZUTPHEN;



As an infantry regiment, The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment uses as its Regimental Colour a blue flag with a form of the regimental badge at its centre. The battle honours of the regiment are placed on laurel branches, which are symbols of victory.