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Ville de Montréal

Montréal, Quebec
Grant of Arms and Flag
September 25, 2017
Vol. VI, p. 750

Arms of the Ville de Montréal (2017)

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Argent on a cross nowy Gules a white pine tree eradicated Or between in the first quarter a fleur-de-lis Azure, in the second quarter a rose, in the third quarter a thistle and in the fourth quarter a shamrock proper;


A beaver couchant on a log proper;





The cross is emblematic of the Christian motives and principles which governed the foundation and development of the city. The floral designs represent the ethnic origins of the population of Montréal in the 19th century and the presence of indigenous people on the city’s territory over several millennia. More particularly, the fleur-de-lis represents the French, who settled on the island of Montréal in the 17th century. The rose symbolizes the English component of the population, the thistle, the Scottish component, and the shamrock, the Irish component. The white pine embodies the original indigenous presence on the territory. Known as the tree of peace and a symbol of harmony, it is placed in the centre of a circle open to the four directions that represents the circle of life as well as the council fire, where meetings and discussions occur.

The leaves of the sugar maple surrounding the shield symbolize the amicable relations between the various elements of the population of Montréal.


The beaver, above the shield, expresses the industriousness of Montrealers who have worked to develop the city.


This Latin phrase means “Salvation through harmony”.