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Hulbert Paul Lindahl Silver

Vancouver, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
November 10, 2003
Vol. IV, p. 324

Arms of Hulbert Paul Lindahl Silver

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Argent two flaunches Azure;


A rabbit sejant holding in its dexter paw a rod of Aesculapius Argent ensigned by three billets conjoined palewise and in saltire Azure, its sinister paw resting on an annulus enfiled by another annulus Azure;





The white (silver) field is a play on Mr. Silver’s name, producing canting arms. The bulges (flaunches) capture the shape of the moon at various stages, a crescent moon being the alchemist’s symbol for silver. The flaunches also produce in the space between them the shape of an ancient cup. This shape may represent not only the mortar in which the alchemists hope to achieve their goals but also the means by which physicians administered medicine.


Mr. Silver’s career has evolved from being a paramedic to a doctor of medicine. The figure of the three blue rectangles is the basis of the Star of Life, the symbol of paramedics, just as the rod and snake symbolize medicine. The rabbit is an animal of interest to Mr. Silver. The ringed configuration is a rendition of philosophic beliefs that he holds, as explained in the Badge description. This ringed device for science is the foundation of medicine.


The motto BE JUST AND FEAR NAUGHT expresses a tenet of Mr. Silver’s belief system.