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Rory Henry Grattan Fisher

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to Gavin Peter Grattan Fisher and Clare Frances Fisher
January 15, 2004
Vol. IV, p. 344

Arms of Rory Henry Grattan Fisher

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Azure a dolphin naiant between in chief two harps and in base a cross ancré Or;


A demi greyhound Argent holding a cross fretty Azure;



The dolphin represents the municipality of Brighton in England where Dr. Fisher grew up. Coincidentally, a heraldic dolphin appears somewhat similar to a large fish, thereby creating a heraldic pun on his name. The cross “anchory” is chosen to represent his school, Downside School, and the harps allude to the Irish heritage of both Dr. Fisher and his wife.


Dr. Fisher is a doctor working for the care of the aged. The greyhound represents “Care Personified”. This is the abstract idea given a corporeal form. The cross fretty is his badge.