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William Olsen Apold

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badges, with differences to Robert Øistein Apold, Karin Elizabeth Apold and Christine Louise Apold
May 10, 2004
Vol. IV, p. 378

Arms of William Olsen Apold

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Azure escaillé Argent three apples Or;


A demi lion affronté Or holding in the dexter paw a ring Sable and in the sinister paw a potato proper;





The name Apold is Old Norse for apple. The field pattern produces an image that looks like fish scales. The blue and white are the colours of waves and clouds being formed by the blowing winds. The three apples represent the three generations of the Apold family that have a marine heritage. Mr. Apold has worked in the fishing industry as a consultant and plant manager. His father was captain of a merchant vessel. Both his grandfathers (Canadian and Norwegian) were in the fishing industry as fishermen and buyers of fish.


The lion alludes to the ancestry of Mr. Apold, there being a lion in the arms of Norway. The black ring (an iron ring) indicates his profession as a professional engineer and its location in the dexter arm represents his particular expertise as a mechanical engineer. The potato represents his wife’s family background in potato farming and processing.


It alludes to Mr. Apold’s interest in renewable energy and particularly in wind power. When the wind blows for a mariner or a wind-developer, it is calling that person to duty and service: it is a call that must be answered.