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John Paul Richards

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag
September 15, 2004
Vol. IV, p. 396

Arms of John Paul Richards

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Per pale Gules and Azure a bison's head caboshed Argent jessant of a sword point in chief supporting a balance Or;


A demi stag Gules winged Or holding a plate charged with four ermine spots in cross Sable;





Mr. Richards is an Inspector with the RCMP, and his commitment to justice with compassion has been consistent throughout his career. The bison’s head represents this police force, as do the colours red and blue. The symbols of a sword with a balance are often associated with enforcement of the Sovereign’s peace with justice.


The stag with wings symbolizes a lover of justice and harmony. The cross form alludes to the Christian faith of Mr. Richards. The fur of ermine represents the broad geographical parts of Canada in which Mr. Richards has served, much of it important to the early fur trade.


The words PRAISED BE GOD • NOT OUR STRENGTH are based on the statement of King Henry in William Shakespeare’s King Henry V, Act 4, Scene 7: “Praised be God and not our strength for it”, upon being told by Montjoy Herald that the English have won the battle that day at Agincourt.