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Alaric John Martin Woodrow

Hamilton, Ontario
Registration of Arms and Badge
November 8, 1995
Vol. III, p. 66

Arms of Alaric John Martin Woodrow

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Per bend Azure semy of cross-crosslets fitchy Or and an estoile Or and Argent barry dancetty each point double barbed Azure overall a bend Gules charged with a sword blade proper enflamed also proper hilt, quillions and pommel also Or;


A lion sejeant erect Azure crowned with a naval crown Or holding in the dexter foreclaws a mace Argent;





The estoile or star evokes the HMCS Star, at Hamilton, Ontario, where both Alaric and his son Michael served, where both of his sons, Andrew and Michael, were christened and where Mr. Woodrow wed his wife, Beverly Woodrow née Walker. The cross crosslets honour other ancient Woodrow arms. The fir tree-like markings create a play on the family name Wood-row. Fire, an ancient symbol of knowledge, here co-joined with a sword, itself a symbol of armed service, supplies two symbolic expressions for Mr. Woodrow. First, it evokes the flaming sword mentioned in Genesis 3:24 suggesting the responsibility that comes with knowledge and secondly, it evokes Mr. Woodrow’s twin careers of teacher and naval officer.


The lion, naval crown and mace are all symbols of service and evoke Mr. Woodrow’s educational and naval public service. The red and white of the wreath and mantling are the colours of Mr. Woodrow’s two homes, England and Canada.


This Latin phrase means “I’ll either find a way or make one.”