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Province of Quebec

Québec, Quebec
Registration of Arms and Flag
October 15, 2010
Vol. VI, p. 3

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Tierced in fess, Azure three fleurs-de-lis Or, Gules a lion passant guardant, and Or a sprig of three maple leaves Vert;




Azure a cross between four fleurs-de-lis Argent;



The design follows that created in 1868, with an alteration to the number of fleurs-de-lis and the reversal of the colours in the chief. At the time of the creation of this design, the government of Quebec attributed each part of the arms to a different historical period: the French regime represented by the fleurs-de-lis; the British regime represented by the lion; and the Canadian period represented by the maple leaves. The arms have traditionally been shown ensigned by the Royal Crown.


Meaning “I remember”, this phrase was first used with the arms of Quebec in 1883 in a stone carving on the façade of the Parliament Building in Québec City designed by the architect Eugène-Étienne Taché.


The design is based on popular flags in use in Quebec in the first half of the 20th century, the first of which was designed by Father Elphège Filiatrault in 1902. The white fleurs-de-lis (originally shown diagonally) were based on those shown in the drapeau de Carillon, a religious banner used by French troops in 1758. The white cross on blue was used in naval flags of the Kingdom of France.


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The announcement of the Letters Patent was made on November 12, 2011, in Volume 145, page 3514 of the Canada Gazette.

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Original concepts of Maurice Brodeur (Arms), Eugène-Étienne Taché (Motto) and the Government of Quebec (Flag).

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The arms were adopted by Order-in-Council 2895 of the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, 7 December 1939.

The flag was adopted by An Act Respecting the Official Flag of the Province (S.Q. 14 George VI, c. 3), assented 9 March 1950.