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New Illustrations from the College of Arms

March 17, 2017

The Registrar of the Canadian Heraldic Authority is pleased to announce that the following registrations in the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada are now illustrated with images acquired from the College of Arms, London, England:

St. Joseph's College (Vol. I, page 22)

Stephen Maddison Pallas (Vol. I, page 50)

Wallace Beresford Shute (Vol. II, page 11)

Bruce Wilbur Beatty (Vol. II, page 131)

Wilfred Dancy Ellis (Vol. II, page 154)

City of Belleville (Vol. II, page 168)

City of Kamloops (Vol. II, page 191)

Oswald Fletcher Chisholm Cook (Vol. II, page 223)

City of Surrey (Vol. II, page 263)

Arthur Alexander Greenwood (Vol. II, page 265)

The University of Western Ontario (Vol. II, page 287)

Pearce Elson Doran King (Vol. II, page 308)

Robert Cave-Browne-Cave (Vol. IV, page 33)

John Robert Charles Cave-Browne-Cave (Vol. VI, page 485)

Osgoode Hall Law School (Vol. VI, page 594)