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Robbie Douglas Sprules

Uxbridge, Ontario
Grant of Flags and Badges, with differenced Arms to Erica Booth Sprules, Jamie Bishop Sprules, Tye Whitmore Sprules and Britton Pollard Sprules
September 15, 2005
Vol. IV, p. 536

Badge of Robbie Douglas Sprules

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On a plate a lion’s head Or issuant from a coronet of triangular finials and cinquefoils Azure, the whole encircled by a belt and buckle Argent edged and inscribed HONOR IN OMNIBUS in letters Azure;





This badge incorporates a reference to Mr. Sprules’ heritage. The coronet is unique for Mr. Sprules. The lion alludes to a lineage from both England and Scotland. The cinquefoils represent lavender flowers, symbolizing that his ancestor Sarah Sprules held a Royal Warrant to provide lavender oil to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Moreover, the antique crown alludes to a connection to the chiefly family of the Frasers of Lovat in Scotland in whose arms this symbol appears.


Meaning “Honour in all we do.”