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Michael Douglas Bechard

London, Ontario
Grant of Arms
October 20, 2005
Vol. V, p. 2

Arms of Michael Douglas Bechard

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Vert a maple tree Argent issuant from a graft fleury Azure;





The colours of green and blue here represent the ideas of verdant land and the Holy Spirit. The maple tree symbolizes the settlement in Woodslee, Essex County, of Father Bechard’s maternal family during the time of the Irish Famine in the mid-1800s. He is the fifth generation to be raised there from roots put down long ago. The tree is also symbolic of the cross of Jesus Christ, referred to as the “Tree of Life” in Revelation 2:7. The fleur-de-lis honours his father’s French heritage. In Christian symbolism, it also represents the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. The base symbolises that a priest in the Roman Catholic Church is called joyfully to be a watchful builder of relationships under the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit.


This is a phrase taken from Canada’s national anthem, and is expressive of Father Bechard’s patriotic interests. It is also a reflection of his belief in Jesus Christ as risen from the dead.