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Mark Lowell Sargent

London, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
February 15, 2006
Vol. V, p. 12

Arms of Mark Lowell Sargent

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Argent semé of crosses potent, on a pile Gules a lion rampant guardant winged nimbed its hindquarters equine holding in the dexter paw a carpenter’s square Argent;





Red and white are the national colours of Canada, and deep red or maroon is a colour associated with the Canadian Airborne Regiment, one of the regiments in which Father Sargent served. The crosses indicate his vocation as a priest, and are similar in form to Jerusalem crosses, marking the fact that he has made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The nimbed lion’s head is taken from the emblem of St. Mark the Evangelist, and is thus a reference to Fr. Sargent’s forename. The horse legs allude to Pegasus, a familiar symbol associated with airborne forces. The carpenter’s square is the attribute of St. Thomas the Apostle, and thus refer to Fr. Sargent’s birthplace, St. Thomas, Ontario.


This is taken from the hymn “O God our help in ages past”, also known as the Army Hymn, a reference both to Fr. Sargent’s vocation and to his military service.