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Alexis Theodore Roshuk

New York, New York, United States of America
Grant of Arms, Flag and a Badge
May 15, 2006
Vol. V, p. 26

Arms of Alexis Theodore Roshuk

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Gules three billets fesswise between two barrulets, in chief three yarrow flowers and in base a cross Argent;


A demi-bear Gules holding between its paws a beehive Argent;





Red and white are colours associated with Poland and Belarus, and are two of the colours of the Russian Empire, the homeland of Mr. Roshuk’s ancestors. They are also the colours of Canada and of McGill University, from where Mr. Roshuk obtained his two law degrees. The white rectangles can represent pages of paper and computer chips, indicative of Mr. Roshuk’s writings and the work he does by computer. Together, they also resemble frames of celluloid film, an indication of Mr. Roshuk’s work in filmmaking. Yarrow flowers have long been cherished in Mr. Roshuk’s family; their number here alludes to the Holy Trinity. The white cross on red is used in the heraldry of the Volyn region of the Ukraine, where Mr. Roshuk’s ancestors lived.


The bear is an animal particularly associated with eastern Europe. The beehives allude to a family tradition, whereby Mr. Roshuk’s great-great-grandfather kept his savings in a beehive, and allowed whichever child was brave enough to reach in and receive the entire sum as an inheritance. Mr. Roshuk’s great-grandfather did this, but decided to share the money with all of his siblings.


Meaning “Life teaches all things”.