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Peter Loren Munk

Vancouver, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badge, with differences to Charlotte Giselle Munk, Eleanor Ruth Munk, and Sophie Alexis Munk
September 15, 2006
Vol. V, p. 55

Arms of Peter Loren Munk

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Per bend Azure and Gules, a bend nebuly Argent cotised rayonné Or;


A demi-lion with the head of an owl guardant double-queued Argent, holding in the dexter paw a rod of Aesculapius Or and wearing a coronet flory Azure;





The gold stripes around the white bend indicate the illumination of the skeletal structure via radiation, therefore referring to Dr. Monk’s area of medical specialization and expertise. The bend is shown with four loops on each side, a reference to his wife, Alice Maria Chung, and their three daughters.


The mythic beast combines part of the ancient symbol of Bohemia, the white double-tailed lion, with an owl’s head. The owl is a traditional symbol of wisdom. Dr. Munk’s father came from Bohemia (the Czech Republic). The rod of Aesculapius represents medicine, and the fleur-de-lis coronet, Dr. Munk's mother’s roots in Quebec.


Meaning “God is invincible”.