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Gérard Claude Carlier

Calgary, Alberta
Grant of Arms, with differences to Guillaume Patrick Carlier, Julie Elizabeth Poeata Carlier and Eleanore Marguerite Carlier
November 15, 2006
Vol. V, p. 83

Arms of Gérard Claude Carlier

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Azure an anchor flanked by two dolphins haurient addorsed, all between three estoils Or;


Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves and roses Or, a demi-lion Azure semé of ermine spots Or holding a heart Gules;





For Mr. Carlier, the anchor, a symbol of camaraderie and teamwork, represents his spirit of gathering together, and his involvement in several community activities in support of francophone heritage. It also evokes a French saying about arriving safely in port. The anchor and dolphins represent Mr. Carlier’s family, who lived for over 70 years in Indochina. His family heritage has had a long maritime tradition and a notable presence in public administration, banking and diplomatic circles. Mr. Carlier’s children are represented by the three stars.


The lion symbolizes courage and loyalty, traits that are important for Mr. Carlier. It is adorned with ermine, a heraldic fur representing a sense of justice through action. The heart can be found on many Scottish coats of arms of the Logan family, and here it represents his wife, Celia Logan. The maple leaves represent Canada, and the wild roses his place of residence, Alberta.


Meaning “To come together in order to achieve”.