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Francesco Maestri

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Badge, with differences to Isabella Francesca Maria Maestri
October 15, 2006
Vol. V, p. 65

Arms of Francesco Maestri

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Or on a cross quadrate between in the first and fourth quarters a fleur-de-lis and in the second and third quarters a trillium Azure, a lion’s head erased ducally crowned Or;


Issuant from a coronet erablé Or an eagle displayed Azure ducally crowned and wearing a breastplate Argent;





The blue cross on gold background is from the flag of the Italian province of Parma, the region from which Mr. Maestri’s parents came. The square contains a lion’s head on a blue background from ancient arms of Maestris in Italy. The fleur-de-lis represents Quebec, his province of birth, while the trillium flowers represent Ontario, the province where he now lives. The respective flowers also allude to the badges of police forces in both provinces in which he has served as a police officer.


The eagle is featured in ancient Italian Maestri arms, coloured black and wearing a coronet, and also in the badge of the Royal Canadian Hussars, part of the Armour Branch of the Canadian Forces, which Mr. Maestri joined as a young man. The eagle is coloured blue to provide a difference for this Canadian family. The eagle wears a white breast plate to indicate Mr. Maestris relationship with the Armour Branch. The coronet represents Mr. Maestris affection and loyalty to Canada.


PEACE AND SERVICE are two motivations in Mr. Maestri’s life.