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Stevan Bradley Graeme Ralph

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badge, with differences to Kharis Josephina Ralph
May 15, 2008
Vol. V, p. 284

Arms of Stevan Bradley Graeme Ralph

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Gules a cross potent Or between first and fourth a trillium flower proper and second and third a sun in splendour Or;


A demi-wolf proper charged on the shoulder with a sun in splendour and holding in the dexter paw a scroll Or;



The cross represents Mr. Ralph’s Christian faith, the trillium his home province of Ontario, and the sun is taken from the flag of the Philippines, the birthplace of his wife, Dr. Vivian Ligo.


The wolf is a Canadian animal associated with pathfinding and bravery. The sun on its shoulder repeats the reference made to Dr. Ligo in the arms and makes an allusion to the motto. The scroll refers to Mr. Ralph’s background as a lawyer and managing director of a business consulting firm, as well as to Dr. Ligo’s academic achievements.