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Karl Heinrich Kopke

Laval, Quebec
Grant of Arms
May 15, 2008
Vol. V, p. 291

Arms of Karl Heinrich Kopke

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Sable on a mount Or two leg bones in saltire surmounted by a skull Argent issuant therefrom three heads of rye flanked on each side by a maple leaf Or;


Within a vol quartered 1st and 4th Sable, 2nd Or and 3rd Argent each wing charged with a Hagal rune counterchanged, three heads of rye Or;





The rye rising from the skull and crossbones portrays the idea of new life coming from death. The maple leaves establish this as a new beginning in Canada of the family.


The pair of wings is often found in German heraldry, and here the colour division is used to distinguish it from other wing designs. The Hagal rune connects this crest to a similar design in long use by the family.


The motto, meaning “I shall rise again”, had been found on many old engravings and carvings for the family in Germany. It alludes to the many members who were Lutheran pastors and theological scholars. It also is connected to resurgence in its use because the motto has not been used since 1941 in Germany.