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Christopher Michael Dorosz

San Francisco, California, United States of America
Grant of Arms
June 20, 2008
Vol. V, p. 306

Arms of Christopher Michael Dorosz

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Paly Sable and Argent, a pile throughout issuant from the sinister base Argent;


A miniature Schnauzer sejant Sable winged Argent holding in its mouth three paint brushes Sable their ferrules Argent;





The background symbolizes the dense forests of the Ukraine, the homeland of the Dorosz family. The wedge shape implies a pathway in perspective.


The terrier holding paint brushes serves as a mascot for Mr. Dorosz’s art practice as a painter, and the breed relates to the Swiss-German origins of the Wengers, the family of Mr. Dorosz’s paternal grandmother. The wings refer to the Pollexfens, Mr. Dorosz’s mother’s family. In the poem “In Memory of Alfred Pollexfen”, W.B. Yeats refers to the deaths of William and Elizabeth Pollexfen, relatives of both the poet and of Mr. Dorosz, and the poem closes with a mention of a “visionary white sea-bird”.


MOVE FORWARD, LOOK BACKWARDS is a tenet that Mr. Dorosz uses in his personal life and in his art practice.