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Myles Gordon Penny

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Grant of Arms
April 7, 2000
Vol. IV, p. 30

Arms of Myles Gordon Penny

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Azure two swords in saltire Argent hilts and pommels Or between four bezants each charged with two maple leaves conjoined in one stem Gules;


A cat rampant Or garnished Sable holding in the dexter paw two maple leaves conjoined in one stem Gules;





The blue shield with white crossed swords alludes to the cross of St. Andrew and thus to Mr. Penny’s Scottish heritage. The gold discs with two red maple leaves not only indicate Mr. Penny’s Canadian citizenship, but also serve as a reference to his surname, as the Canadian penny, or one cent piece, features a sprig of two maple leaves.


The wild cat refers to Mr. Penny’s descent from the Scottish Gow family, and the maple leaves repeat the symbolism of the arms.


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