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Corporation of the City of Guelph

Guelph, Ontario
Registration of Arms and Supporters
November 20, 1993
Vol. II, p. 133

Arms of the Corporation of the City of Guelph

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Argent on a fess Gules cotised Vert between three ancient crowns Gules a horse courant Argent;


Within an ancient crown Gules a mount Vert thereon a lion statant Or anciently crowned Gules resting the dexter forepaw upon the haft of an axe head downwards and inwards proper;


Upon a grassy mount with on the dexter side in front of a copse a felled tree trunk lying to the dexter in the stock an axe proper in front of the same a man with a hat open shirted in breeches and boots proper vested of a tail coat cut away Gules sinister a female figure proper vested Argent cloaked Azure wearing a helmet Or crested Gules supporting with her dexter arm a trident points upward Sable and holding by the sinister hand a cornucopia proper;




In general, the symbolism of emblems prior to 2000 does not exist in an appropriate format for the online Register.