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Town of Balgonie

Balgonie, Saskatchewan
Grant of Arms, Supporters and Flag
June 4, 1993
Vol. II, p. 248

Arms of the Town of Balgonie

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Quarterly first Vert a garb Or second Argent a prairie lily proper third Argent a cross moline Gules quarter-pierced fourth Vert on a chevron Argent three roses Gules seeded Or between three swords in pale Argent hilts in base Or all within a bordure quarterly counterchanged;


Issuant from a mural crown Or masoned Vert bearing a freize of thistles Purpure and prairie lilies proper a demi lion Gules holding a scythe Or;


On a field of grain Or dexter a mare Argent semé of prairie lily flowers proper sinister a stallion Argent semé of crosses moline Gules quarter-pierced;




In general, the symbolism of emblems prior to 2000 does not exist in an appropriate format for the online Register.