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Kenneth Angus Munn

Edmonton, Alberta
Grant of Arms
November 30, 2000
Vol. IV, p. 79

Arms of Kenneth Angus Munn

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Gules on a bend between two open books Argent bound Or two ivy leaves Vert, overall a pale Azure fimbriated and charged with a scuba diver head in base Or;


Issuant from five poppies Gules seeded Vert a demi lion Ermine winged armed and langued Purpure holding in its dexter paw a poppy Gules slipped and leaved Vert;





The basic structure of the arms echoes the red and white flag signalling the presence of underwater divers. Red and white are also the colours of Canada. The figure of the diver is a further reference to Col. Munn’s experience as a diver. The open books symbolize Col. Munn’s work in medical education and his two clinical professorships. The ivy leaves honour his wife’s family heritage, ivy being the plant badge of the Scots clan Gordon.


The blue United Nations helmet refers to Col. Munn’s service as a Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and with the U.N. force in Bosnia. This crest combines the symbolism of the traditional Munn crest of an ermine lion’s head with wings taken from the coat of arms of the City of Edmonton, his home for many years, and the poppy flower to symbolize his career in anaesthesiology.


This Gaelic sentence means “Honour and Truth.”