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L'Association des Familles Belliveau du Nouveau-Brunswick Inc.

Moncton, New Brunswick
Grant of Arms
July 15, 2009
Vol. V, p. 456

Arms of L'Association des Familles Belliveau du Nouveau-Brunswick Inc.

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Azure a lark standing on a mount of three coupeaux, in chief three mullets Or;





A symbol of hope, the yellow star has represented Acadia since the adoption of its flag in 1884. Blue, the colour of the sky, sea and water, represents the arrival of the first Belliveaus, as well as the rain that was so important to them, who were market gardeners by trade. The lark is a bird that inhabits marshes and meadows, places where the family’s ancestors worked. The mountain upon which the lark is perched represents their regions of origin in France.


COURAGEUX ET TENACE means “courageous and persistent”. These are two qualities characteristic of the Belliveaus since their initial voyage to Acadia. Having survived the Deportation, the Belliveaus remain loyal to the values and traditions handed down by their ancestors.