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Douglas Graeme Bassett

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badges
July 15, 2009
Vol. V, p. 462

Arms of Douglas Graeme Bassett

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Or five batons between five lightning flashes meeting in fess point, on a chief Vert three lilies Or;


Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves and trillium flowers Vert, a demi-Basset hound proper its dexter forepaw resting on a key wards in chief Or;





The colours yellow and green are those of Ontario which is the province of Mr. Bassett’s birthplace and principal residence, and of his major community contributions. The five batons refer both to his company name, Baton Broadcasting Inc., and to the people in his immediate family. The lightning flashes symbolize communication. The lily is the favourite flower of his wife, Susan Juliet Temple.


The dog, a Basset hound, is a pun on Mr. Bassett’s surname while the key is a symbol that appears in the coat of arms of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, an institution to which Mr. Bassett has offered a high level of support for many years. The key represents unlocking of treasure and especially of ideas, as facilitated by modern communications technology. The coronet represents his contribution to Ontario and Canada.


Meaning “To care and to serve,” this is derived from the motto of the Hospital for Sick Children, “Care for what the child may become”. It represents Mr. Bassett’s various initiatives in support of betterment of the community.