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Eileen Margaret Cooke

Calgary, Alberta
Grant of Arms, Flags and Badge, with differences to Matthew Alexander Cooke
August 20, 2009
Vol. V, p. 468

Arms of Eileen Margaret Cooke

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Azure a bighorn sheep rampant quarterly Or and Argent;


Issuant from a wreath of mayflowers and wild roses proper, a demi-miniature poodle Argent collared Or holding between its paws a heart Argent;





The bighorn sheep alludes to Mrs. Cooke’s outdoor explorations of the Rocky Mountains, and its colours refer to the four quadrants of Calgary, the home town of Mrs. Cooke, her husband and their son. The yellow represents the dry prairie summers, and the white the snowy winters. The migration of Mrs. Cooke’s ancestors is indicated by the blue, which appears in the flags of Scotland, Nova Scotia and Alberta, respectively the ancestral home of her family, the province of first settlement, and the province where her father was born and to which her mother moved.


The dog represents Mrs. Cooke’s cherished childhood family pet, Snowball. The white heart is a symbol of nursing, Mrs. Cooke’s profession. The wild rose is a symbol of Alberta, her home province, and the mayflowers allude to her family’s Nova Scotian heritage.


This Latin phrase means “Loyalty and perseverance”.