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Luc-Normand Tellier

Montréal, Quebec
Grant of Arms
March 15, 2010
Vol. V, p. 505

Arms of Luc-Normand Tellier

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Purpure trellisé of bendlets, bendlets sinister and barrulets Argent;


On two olive branches in saltire Purpure a lizard Argent holding an arrow palewise Purpure;





Mr. Tellier chose purple, the traditional colour used for dignity, to celebrate the oldest current branch of his family, descended from Joseph, son of Charles and grandson of Pierre-François Le Tellier and Marie Anne Leroux, married in Quebec City in 1700. It was also chosen in honour of his ancestors, Catherine de Baillon and Anne Leneuf du Hérisson. The lattice pattern is a reference to Mr. Tellier’s name, which derives from “teilleurs,” the labourers who separated hemp and linen to extract their woody fibres. The lattice also recalls a hemp canvas, known to be very resilient. The stitches’ hexagonal shape is a symbolic representation of Mr. Tellier’s profession as a specialist in spatial economics.


The lizard is taken from the coat of arms of François Michel Le Tellier de Louvois (1641-1691), Secretary of State under Louis XIV, whose biography Mr. Tellier has written. It also represents Africa, where Mr. Tellier lived as a young man and to which he has returned on a number of occasions. The arrow (flèche in French) represents the surname of his grandmother, Juliette Richer de Laflèche. The two olive branches (olivier in French) recall the first names of his paternal great-grandfathers, both named Olivier Tellier, and the surname of his mother, Ghislaine Branchaud.


Meaning “Ret and weave”, the motto is another reference to Mr. Tellier’s name and signifies that we must extract what is essential to create something new.