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Niagara Herald Extraordinary, Canadian Heraldic Authority

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of a Badge of Office
May 2, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 115

Badge of Office for Niagara Herald Extraordinary, Canadian Heraldic Authority

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On a compass rose of sixteen points Gules, a plate fimbriated Gules charged with three pallets wavy Azure;



The base of the badge on a red compass rose of sixteen points. A compass shows direction and here indicates nationwide or even international outreach for heraldry. The compass rose was inspired in part by the badge of the Heraldry Society of Canada. As such, it pays tribute to the work the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada in establishing the Canadian Heraldic Authority and in continuing to promote heraldry in Canada. At the centre of the badge are three wavy stripes that indicate flowing water; more specifically, the Niagara River. As they are shown vertically they make a reference not only to the south-to-north flow of the river but also to its most famous feature, the Niagara Falls. The Niagara River is at the centre of the Great Lakes transportation system, which was used extensively by aboriginals, allowing European explorers access to the interior of the continent, and is today vitally important in worldwide trade.