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George Gardiner McNeillie

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms
May 20, 2011
Vol. VI, p. 52

Arms of George Gardiner McNeillie

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Tierced in pale Or Azure and Or three swords points in base, a chief ogivy all counterchanged;


Issuant from a Loyalist civil coronet Or, a dexter cubit arm vested Sable cuffed Argent, the hand proper holding a mullet Argent;





The swords represent the military background of Mr. McNeillie and his family. The Gothic division line and cruciform position of the swords allude to the many generations of clergy in his family.


The coronet indicates Mr. McNeillie’s descent from United Empire Loyalist settlers. The arm vested in the style of a 17th century English Puritan represents Mr. McNeillie’s direct descent from four Mayflower passengers. The star is taken from the emblem of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America and represents the fact that Mr. McNeillie served as the organization’s president.


This is taken from a hymn by John Bunyan, which first appeared in The Pilgrim’s Progress. This relates to Mr. McNeillie’s descent from the Mayflower passengers, who were also known as the Pilgrims.