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St. Patrick's High School

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Flag
July 5, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 128

Arms of St. Patrick's High School

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Argent a saltire Gules, on a chief Vert between two maple leaves a monogram composed of an annulus enclosing the letter M and surmounted by a Latin cross Or;





The arms and flag have been used by the school for many years. The red saltire on white has been associated with St. Patrick for many centuries, particularly in the Union Jack and in the insignia of the Order of St. Patrick. To this has been added a green chief (a colour associated with Ireland and Ontario) with two maple leaves and the insignia of the Oblate Congregation, which founded the school. The insignia is formed by an overlay of the three letters of the congregation’s name: Oblati Mariae Immaculatae / Oblates of Mary Immaculate / Oblats de Marie Immaculée.


This Latin phrase means “Religion nourishes the arts”.