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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Ottawa, Ontario
Registration of the Flag of The Duke of Cambridge for personal use in Canada
September 15, 2011
Vol. VI, p. 70

Personal flag of The Duke of Cambridge for use in Canada

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A banner of the Arms of Her Majesty in Right of Canada debruised of a hurt environed by maple leaves and escallops and charged with the Royal Cypher of His Royal Highness Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge Or, and of a three-point label Argent charged with an escallop Gules;



The banner of the Royal Arms of Canada indicates that the Duke of Cambridge is in the line of succession to the Canadian Crown. The three-point label is the mark of an eldest son, and the shell differentiates the Duke’s label from that of his father, the Prince of Wales. The Duke’s personal Cypher, in the centre, is composed of the letter “W” surmounted by a coronet that indicates he is the child of the heir apparent to the Sovereign. The maple leaves represent Canada, and the shells repeat the symbol found in the label.