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Chaplain Branch

Ottawa, Ontario
Approval of a Badge
January 20, 2012
Vol. VI, p. 101

Badge of the Chaplain Branch

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On a golpe a sun in splendour throughout debased Or overall a tree issuant from a rock proper, all between two maple branches Gules bound Or and ensigned by the Royal Crown proper, overall in base a scroll Purpure edged and inscribed with the Motto in letters Or;





Purple and gold are colours associated with the clergy. The red maple leaves refer to service to CF members, veterans and the fallen. The Royal Crown symbolizes service to the Sovereign as Queen of Canada. The tree, the sun and the rock are taken from a stained glass window, named “Hope in a Broken World”, located in the Hall of Colours at Beechwood National Memorial Centre in Ottawa. The tree is an ancient symbol that is common in many faith traditions and depicts the ministry of chaplains throughout history. Known as the “Tree of Life”, it is surrounded by rays representative of the light of the Divine. The roots and the rock symbolize activities strongly rooted in faith.


This Latin phrase means “ A call to serve”.