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Joseph Frendo Cumbo

Courtice, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
August 15, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 136

Arms of Joseph Frendo Cumbo

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Azure a chevron between three towers, on a chief embattled Or two swords in saltire proper hilts and pommels Azure, interlaced by a reef knot also Azure;


Issuant from a circlet of maple leaves in autumnal tints proper alternating with Maltese crosses Argent, an arm in armour embowed gauntleted and holding a sword proper hilt and pommel Azure;





The arms design of towers and a chevron has been used by Capt. Cumbo in the past. Here it has been differenced by the addition of a chief. The embattled chief line and the two swords refer to Capt. Cumbo’s military career, first in Malta, then with the British Army, then with the Canadian Army, and finally as a commander of Cadets. The reef knot is also from arms used by Capt. Cumbo’s family.


The arm in armour holding a sword indicates Capt. Cumbo’s military service. Added to it is a circlet of maple leaves in autumnal colours, a reference to the badge of the Ontario Regiment, and Maltese crosses, a reference to his birthplace of Malta.


FIDELIS ET PARATUS, a Latin phrase meaning “Faithful and prepared.”