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Helmut Michael Eppich

West Vancouver, British Columbia
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to his children and grandchildren
April 15, 2013
Vol. VI, p. 222

Arms of Helmut Michael Eppich

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Argent a pile reversed Azure, overall three concentric annuli counterchanged;


Issuant from a coronet of trillium flowers alternately Azure and Argent, a grassy mount growing therefrom an ivy vine Vert entwining post and lintel portal Argent;





The triangle evokes the mountains of greater Vancouver, where Mr. Eppich has lived for over fifty years, and of his native Slovenia. The concentric rings are inspired by basic schematic drawings for a cyclotron, a particle accelerator used in scientific research. The first major contract for Mr. Eppich’s company, Ebco Industries, was to manufacture components for the world’s largest cyclotron at Canada’s national particle physics laboratory, TRIUMF. The rings also resemble the ripples formed by a stone entering water, a metaphor for the positive impact Mr. Eppich has had on his community. With their common centre, the circles suggest individuals or communities working toward a common goal, evocative of the culture of diversity Mr. Eppich has encouraged in his companies.


The ivy refers to the name Eppich, the word in Middle High German for “ivy”. The arch of concrete beams represents the Helmut Eppich House, the home designed for Mr. Eppich by the renowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson. The green mount represents the verdant gardens and mountains that surround this West Vancouver house. Trillium flowers grow in abundance on the property; here they represent Helmut and Hildegard Eppich, their four children, and many grandchildren.


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