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Brian Alexander Miron

Bedford, New Hampshire, United States of America
Grant of Arms, with differences to Jacob Alexander Miron and Benjamin Christopher Miron
June 20, 2013
Vol. VI, p. 240

Arms of Brian Alexander Miron

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Per chevron Sable and Argent, in chief semé of snowflakes two bulls combatant, in base an owl affronty, all counterchanged;


Issuant from a circle of apple blossoms Argent a swan Sable crowned with a coronet flory Argent;





The bull represents power, strength and perseverance. For Mr. Miron, it also suggests a father figure, and serves as a reminder that effort and hard work must serve the broader community. The owl is an emblem of learning and wisdom. The snowflakes represent Canada, Mr. Miron’s country of birth.


The black swan represents the unexpected and its profound impact on our lives. The flory coronet reflects Mr. Miron’s French ancestry and his strong affection for and loyalty to Canada. The apple blossoms symbolize love and charity.


This Latin phrase means “Live an inspired life”.