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Canadian Materiel Support Group

Ottawa, Ontario
Approval of a Badge
July 15, 2013
Vol. VI, p. 246

Badge of the Canadian Materiel Support Group

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Purpure a dragon rampant gorged with a collar Or pendent therefrom a pellet charged with a key, holding in its dexter claw a grenade enflamed, its sinister claw resting on a wheel Or;





The purple background, often used for joint operations or units, represents the three environments of the Canadian Armed Forces supported by the Canadian Materiel Support Group (CMSG). The dragon, a great protector of its territory, alludes to the fact that the members of CMSG are custodians of supply and munitions depots. The key symbolizes supply, the grenade, ammunition, and the wheel, transportation. Together they represent the supply chain, signifying both warehousing and distribution network management.


This Latin phrase means "Excellence through resilience".