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The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario
Grant of Arms
November 1, 2001
Vol. IV, p. 146

Arms of The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto

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Azure an open book Or between in chief two saltires each composed of a knife and fork, and in base a goblet Argent;


On a mound Vert in front of an oak tree Or leaved Vert fructed Or, a beaver passant holding in the dexter paw a primrose proper;





The blue and white combination alludes to the University of Toronto colours, and the book makes a reference to the academic purpose of the University. The primary role of the Club as a place to dine is shown by the goblet and the knives and forks.


The oak tree is the crest of the University of Toronto. To it has been added the beaver, taken from the coat of arms of the University. As a mark of difference the beaver holds a primrose flower, indicating that the Club’s original name was the Primrose Club.


This Latin phrase means “Nourishment for the mind,” a statement of the Club’s mandate as a dining establishment within an academic setting.