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Jonathan Morissette

Sainte-Claire, Quebec
Grant of Arms and a Badge, with differences to Émie Morissette
April 15, 2014
Vol. VI, p. 351

Arms of Jonathan Morissette

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Quarterly 1st and 4th barry Sable and Argent a strawberry proper, 2nd Gules a demi-dragon Argent embellished Sable, 3rd Gules a demi-tiger contourné Argent striped Sable;


Issuant from a coronet of maple leaves and fleurs-de-lis Gules a gargoyle perched thereon a peregrine falcon close holding in its beak a hawthorn flower proper;





The dragon and the tiger are emblematic of the martial arts and recall Mr. Morissette’s karate training, his role as an instructor, and the karate schools of which he is the sensei. The white and black, and the position of the animals, symbolize yin and yang, an oriental philosophy of great complementarity in martial arts. The pattern of horizontals stripes alludes to the image of a computer monitor and thus evokes his interest in new technologies. The strawberry indicates that Mr. Morissette is descended from farming stock and that his family owns a strawberry farm. The fruit also symbolizes the annual berry-picking by Mr. Morissette and his family, a part of which crop is made into wine.


The peregrine falcon recalls the eagle on the coat of arms of the municipality of Sainte-Claire, where Mr. Morissette lives. The gargoyle is a symbol of vigilance. The red and the maple leaves represent his Canadian nationality, while the lilies indicate his province of birth, Quebec.


Meaning “To have the courage of one’s ambitions”, this phrase underscores Mr. Morissette’s commitment to the development of martial arts.