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Roger Joseph Théodule Jean Conrad Goulet

Edmonton, Alberta
Grant of Arms, with differences to Janis Marie Hayes, Michelle Danette Douglas-Mann, Corina Marie Teena Goodman and Philip Robert Goulet
August 15, 2014
Vol. VI, p. 434

Arms of Roger Joseph Théodule Jean Conrad Goulet

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Per chevron in chief paly of twelve Azure and Or in base Gules a compass rose Or;


A partridge rising Or gorged of a ribbon Azure and holding in its beak a maple leaf Gules;





Blue, yellow and red are the colours of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with which Mr. Goulet served for 23 years. The stripes allude to the twelve strings of a guitar, and thus to his love of music, especially his enjoyment of this instrument. The compass rose refers to his love of travel, as does the triangular shape, which can allude to the bow of a ship. The fleur-de-lis, a traditional form of the north point of the compass, makes reference to Mr. Goulet’s French-Canadian heritage and his birthplace, Montreal.


The partridge is a bird which Mr. Goulet hunts, and its outstretched wings allude to his longtime hobby of flying model airplanes and helicopters. The blue ribbon refers to the insignia of office of the Edmonton Epicurean Society, with which Mr. Goulet has been active for many years. The maple leaf is an indication of his Canadian identity.


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