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Roch Dumont

Longueuil, Quebec
Grant of Arms
October 15, 2014
Vol. VI, p. 460

Arms of Roch Dumont

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Azure a cross gemel between 1st and 4th two keys in saltire and 2nd and 3rd two chevronels Or;


Issuant from a coronet flory Or a rooster proper gorged of a collar Azure pendent therefrom a hurt charged with a chevronel Or;





Blue and gold represent Mr. Dumont’s French and Quebec roots. Blue also refers to the sea and to the journey his ancestors took to the New World. More generally, blue conveys Mr. Dumont’s passion for travel and the fact that he was a national lifeguard. Gold also alludes to the colour of wheat and to the involvement of several of his ancestors in agriculture. The cross composed of four narrow bands represents railways and the work that Mr. Dumont’s father and grandfather did for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. The keys allude to knowledge and how education opens the world. They represent his mother’s involvement in education, both as a volunteer and as a daycare educator. The keys also symbolize Mr. Dumont’s role as a school trustee and his political work at the local level. The chevrons represent Lac-Mégantic, the region from which Mr. Dumont originates in the heart of the Appalachians. They also symbolize the Dumont family name, mont being French for “mountain”.


The crown of fleurs-de-lis symbolizes Mr. Dumont’s French and Quebecois origins. The rooster is Mr. Dumont’s Chinese zodiac sign and a symbol of France. For him, it represents a fighting spirit, pride and his French roots. It also honours his farming ancestors. The pendant around its neck links to the symbolism of the arms.


This Latin phrase means “For my dreams and my freedom”.