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David Wayne Bower

Kingston, Ontario
Grant of Arms
November 20, 2014
Vol. VI, p. 469

Arms of David Wayne Bower

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Azure on a pale between two bows Argent a chevron Gules between two lozenges Sable;


A beaver sejant grasping a Celtic cross proper;





The bows are an allusion to Mr. Bower’s surname. The chevron, representing the bow of a ship, alludes to the method of transport that brought his ancestors to Canada. The chevron also represents a roof, symbolizing that Mr. Bower served as chairman of the building committee that built a church, Grace Presbyterian Church in Ottawa. The black diamond shapes represent the surname Charbonneau (meaning “coal”) of his mother Aldéa Juliette Charbonneau, and thus allude to Mr. Bower’s French-Canadian heritage. Blue and white are inspired by the colours of the Scots flag and thus allude to Mr. Bower’s Scottish ancestry. Red and white are inspired by the colours of the Canadian flag and thus allude to Mr. Bower’s Canadian heritage.


The Celtic cross is a symbol of both Mr. Bower’s Scottish and Christian heritage. The beaver represents his allegiance to Canada.


This expression is drawn from Deuteronomy 32:7, in which there is an admonition by Moses to remember the generations receiving God’s blessings.