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Grant David Johnson

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to Avery Elaine McKinnon Johnson and Malcolm Rhys McKinnon Johnson
September 15, 2014
Vol. VI, p. 461

Arms of Grant David Johnson

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Sable on an escutcheon Argent three pallets Sable and a point pointed Or charged with a bee volant proper;


A crow close perched on a base Sable and holding in its beak a sprig of three maple leaves Gules;





Black and white are the basic colours of communication design, representing Mr. Johnson’s profession. The white bands represent the members of his immediate family. The alternating pattern of black and white bands represents the ocean. Yellow, the principal colour of the arms of Scotland, represents Mr. Johnson’s ancestry and origins in Nova Scotia. The bee, a favoured symbol of the Johnson family, represents service and industriousness.


Acting as a sentinel or guardian, the crow holding in its beak three maple leaves conjoined on a stem represents Mr. Johnson’s career in managing and protecting the official emblems of the Government of Canada.


This Latin phrase meaning “Not all of me shall die” is taken from the Odes (3:30) of the Roman poet Horace. For Mr. Johnson, this ancient text reminding us that we leave a legacy represents a call to action in the service of family, community and country.