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Jeffery Blaine BeBeau

Edmonton, Alberta
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge
April 15, 2015
Vol. VI, p. 500

Arms of Jeffery Blaine BeBeau

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Per saltire Argent and Azure in chief a wild rose Gules seeded Azure, in base a hurt enflamed Gules, and in the flanks two doves close respectant Argent holding in their beaks a stalk of wheat Or;


Issuant from a circlet of maple leaves, wild roses and Western red lilies proper, a bald eagle proper its body and wings displayed Azure, holding in its dexter talon a bow contourné Or stringed Azure;





Blue and white evoke the flags of Alberta, Mr. BeBeau’s province of residence, as well as Quebec and France, where his family originated. The saltire recalls the St. Andrew’s cross and thus St. Andrew’s Catholic School in High Prairie, his high school. The wild rose is the floral emblem of Alberta. The blue disc with rays refers to the Assiniboine people’s practice of heating their cooking water with hot stones, and thus to the Assiniboia region of southern Saskatchewan, Mr. BeBeau’s place of birth. The wheat sheaves represent the Prairies, his family’s roots in farming, and the Eucharist denoting his Christian faith, while the dove refers to his first name, derived from Old French and Germanic words meaning “divine peace”.


The eagle, inspired by the mascot of The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta, which Mr. BeBeau attended, recalls his German and Polish heritage as it is found in the arms of these two countries. The B-shaped bow creates a homophonic pun on Mr. BeBeau’s name. The maple leaf is a well-known Canadian symbol; the wild rose is the floral emblem of Alberta; and the Western red lily is that of Saskatchewan.


This Latin phrase from 1 Corinthians 15:28, meaning “So that God may be all in all”, is a reference to Mr. BeBeau’s Christian faith and his hope for the future.