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John Francis Cappucci

Windsor, Ontario
Grant of Arms
September 15, 2015
Vol. VI, p. 544

Arms of John Francis Cappucci

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Lozengy Azure voided Argent and Argent voided Bleu Céleste, an eight-point arabesque Or;


A demi-Capuchin friar proper hooded and vested Azure and Bleu Céleste;





The overall design and geometric pattern honour Dr. Cappucci’s expertise in Islamic studies, comparative politics and world religions. The dark blue is emblematic of his Italian origins, being the colour of Italy’s former reigning family and the traditional colour of Italian national sports teams. Light blue is one of the colours of the doctoral robes of Carleton University, Ottawa, where Dr. Cappucci obtained his doctorate. The arabesque, a common decorative pattern in the Arab and European worlds, can also refer to an arrangement of overlaid crosses, referring to Dr. Cappucci’s Christian faith as well as his belief in the interconnections between the world’s different religions. The resulting star shape is a multicultural and multi-religious symbol whose origins traverse ancient Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.


The Capuchin monk (cappuccino in Italian, meaning “wearing a hood”) is a pun on Dr. Cappucci’s name. The Capuchins are very prominent in Abruzzo and Molise, his parents’ regions of origin in southern Italy.


Meaning “Through hardship to the stars”, this Latin phrase is Dr. Cappucci’s precept in life. It also references the star centred in the arms.