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Regina Mary Ellen Keon

Ottawa, Ontario
Grant of Arms, Flag and Badge, with differences to Patrick Wilkinson, James Wilkinson, Keon Wilkinson and Robert Wilkinson
July 15, 2015
Vol. VI, p. 536

Arms of Regina Mary Ellen Keon

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Azure a cross patté throughout Argent overall a hurt charged with a celestial crown Argent;


A basket Argent therein a harp Azure, all resting on a sack of flour Argent;





The crown of stars is a reference to Ms. Keon’s first name, Regina, which means “queen” in Latin. As this type of crown is shown in depictions of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven, it also makes a reference to Ms. Keon’s second name Mary, which is also her mother’s name. The four blue segments radiating from the centre allude to Ms. Keon’s sons and to the growth of her family.


The basket represents the values of generosity and service to others. It pays tribute to Ms. Keon’s father, who would frequently make baskets of food for the less fortunate in his community when he was the owner of the general store of Quyon, Quebec. The sack of flour alludes to the values of caring and selflessness: it recalls the time when her father, as a young man, was saving up for a violin but decided instead to give his savings for flour that was needed by the family. The harp refers to Ms. Keon’s Irish background and to her love of music as a church organist.


Taken from Proverbs 29:23, this is an expression of important values that Ms. Keon’s father taught her.