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Peter Hugh O’Neil Roe

Waterloo, Ontario
Grant of Arms and Badge, with differences to Robert Hugh O’Neil Roe and Mary Elizabeth Anne Roe
August 15, 2016
Vol. VI, p. 632

Arms of Peter Hugh O’Neil Roe

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Argent on a chevron Sable between three shamrocks Vert, an annulet Argent between two lions passant combatant Or;


A demi-roe buck Or attired and unguled Sable charged with a Maltese cross and holding between its legs a lightning bolt Vert;





The black chevron and green shamrocks are taken from arms used by Roe families of Ireland, where Dr. Roe’s father came from. The chevron also refers to the arms of the University of Waterloo, where Dr. Roe studied and was a faculty member for more than four decades. The ring symbolizes his status as a Canadian engineer. The lions, symbolizing leadership, represent Dr. Roe’s role in academia as a professor and author, and in university administration. They also indicate his prominent role in provincial and federal politics as a riding president and as councillor for the Township of Wilmot, which has lions as the supporters of its arms.


The roe buck is a pun on Dr. Roe’s surname. It also recalls the stag in crests borne by Roe families of Ireland. The lightning bolt symbolizes Dr. Roe’s specialization in both electrical and systems design engineering. The Maltese cross denotes Dr. Roe’s involvement of more than three decades with the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.


This Latin phrase, meaning “Not by force but by art”, has long been Dr. Roe’s family motto.